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Jewelry from Alexandra Herrmann © Stelianos Frangis |

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Alexandra Herrmann participates with her Jewelry at this years significant exhibition in Athens "A Jewel Made in Greece" which takes place from 25th to 29th February 2016 in Technopolis City of Athens. ( If you are nearby and have the chance, don't miss it and support all Artists with their beautiful works. If you [...]

Jewelry from Alexandra Herrmann – Okeanos © Stelianos Frangis |

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Jewelry should have a personal reference to something or someone. Inspired by the vast and beautiful Nature and History of Greece, Alexandra Herrmann creates a unique Art of Jewelry. Her Jewelry symbolizes Nature, like the Ocean or Plants, but also Religion, Mythology and Life itself. I was given the opportunity to photograph some of [...]

Necklace © Stelianos Frangis |

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The challenge with this jewelry is the balance of hard light vs. soft light. The biggest part of this necklace is a high polished, glossy part. Also the shape is rounded. To make this visible on a Photo you will have to create a gradient to make the rounded form visible, and a highlight [...]