Sculpture of Water © Stelianos Frangis |

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Sculpture of Water © Stelianos Frangis |

Sculpture of Water
Everything you see on this picture is a combination of real Shots using – just water.
Liquid Shot Photography can be very fun and very messy. The lighting Setup is very simple. I just used two Stripboxes, one aligned horizontally the other one vertically. Both strobes are set on action mode, meaning that the Flash Duration is short enough to freeze the motion and have no blur. The Elinchrom HD Pro 500 are capable of a Flash Duration of 1/5000 sec at t0.5 The camera settings are Shutterspeed at Sync Speed, Aperture should be very small to have a good depth of field and the lowest possible ISO. I used a 50mm lens 1:1.8 Throwing water in the air is not that difficult, the thing is to shape the splashes. Try using different jars with different forms. Try twisting the jar, while throwing in the air. Forming the leafs is easy if you know how. Take a watering can and mount a spoon at the end of it so the water hits the spoon. This creates what you see as a leaf. Please take care of the strobes, modifiers and everything else, it can be very messy…After several shots, in my case about 450, the best ones where selected and were used to create a flower and the butterfly. The leafs were not twisted in Photoshop. Instead I shot several leafs, using different angles while shooting. This makes it more realistic when composing the image. After some Post production in Photoshop The Water Garden was created.

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  1. Alecca Herrmann 19. April 2015 at 19:48 - Reply

    Very artistic! I’d love to see more of these extraordinary sculptures!

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