Jewelry from Alexandra Herrmann – Okeanos © Stelianos Frangis |

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Jewelry from Alexandra Herrmann – Okeanos © Stelianos Frangis |

Jewelry should have a personal reference to something or someone. Inspired by the vast and beautiful Nature and History of Greece, Alexandra Herrmann creates a unique Art of Jewelry. Her Jewelry symbolizes Nature, like the Ocean or Plants, but also Religion, Mythology and Life itself. I was given the opportunity to photograph some of the Jewelry, and bring in my Interpretation especialy with the Ring „Okeanos“ (Ocean). The Ring is like the prow of a ship with the wave. When I first saw that ring, I instantly had in Mind, to position it on shallow water, and create some sort of wave around the ring. This is a 3-Lighting-Setup. A slim peace of glass, slightly elevated on the back side, is covered with water until its just about to drop from the glass at the backside, so no edge is visible from the glass itself. The ring is positioned and covered with a Cone-shaped Translum Diffusor. At the back of the glass, a Translum Diffusor Panel is set as Background. A Strobe is positioned behind the background, with a reflector and a 20° Honeycomb-Grid attached to it, to create a spotlight on the Translum-Foil. This Spotlight reflects on the surface of the water, directly into the Lens of the Camera. This gives a dramatic look of the water and due to the spotlight, a circular gradient, being darker in the front of the ring. The Ring itself is being lighted from each side with two more Strobes and Stripboxes. Under the glass, a reflector, in this case a white cardboard is placed, to light the Inside of the ring from underneath. Now the glass is slightly hit by hand, so little waves occure. Releasing the trigger in the right moment, and this is, what comes out.

Alexandra Herrmann participates with her Jewelry at this years significant exhibition in Athens „A Jewel Made in Greece“ which takes place from 25th to 29th February 2016 in Technopolis City of Athens. ( If you are nearby and have the chance, don’t miss it and support all Artists with their beautiful works. If you want to get in contact or purchase some of Alexandra Herrmann Jewelry, go to her Facebook-Site Pfau-aleccas-artifacts

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