White Calla © Stelianos Frangis |

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For this shot, a white Calla (or Kalla) was set Upside-Down in front of a black Cardboard. The black Cardboard was mounted on a Softbox. It covered the surface of the softbox about 90%. The light from the softbox hits the object in front of the black cardboard like a Ringflash. This creates a [...]

Jewelry from Alexandra Herrmann © Stelianos Frangis |

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Alexandra Herrmann participates with her Jewelry at this years significant exhibition in Athens "A Jewel Made in Greece" which takes place from 25th to 29th February 2016 in Technopolis City of Athens. ( If you are nearby and have the chance, don't miss it and support all Artists with their beautiful works. If you [...]

Jewelry from Alexandra Herrmann – Okeanos © Stelianos Frangis |

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Jewelry should have a personal reference to something or someone. Inspired by the vast and beautiful Nature and History of Greece, Alexandra Herrmann creates a unique Art of Jewelry. Her Jewelry symbolizes Nature, like the Ocean or Plants, but also Religion, Mythology and Life itself. I was given the opportunity to photograph some of [...]

Necklace © Stelianos Frangis |

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The challenge with this jewelry is the balance of hard light vs. soft light. The biggest part of this necklace is a high polished, glossy part. Also the shape is rounded. To make this visible on a Photo you will have to create a gradient to make the rounded form visible, and a highlight [...]

Pineapple © Stelianos Frangis |

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Although we have been taught not to play with our food, I can guarantee you, the pineapple tasted delicious - after the shot. I wanted to shoot a fruit in a way, where the light shines through the inside of it, in a semitransparent style, in front of a black background. I prepared the [...]

MontBlanc – Starwalker Cool Blue © Stelianos Frangis |

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I got this nice Ballpoint Pen from MontBlanc called "Starwalker - Cool Blue". The Surface of this Pen has somekind of a wave pattern which is barely visible when there is not enough Light to reflect from the Surface. So, to make this visible, a lot of Light is needed and the Lens to [...]

Sculpture of Water © Stelianos Frangis |

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Sculpture of Water Everything you see on this picture is a combination of real Shots using - just water. Liquid Shot Photography can be very fun and very messy. The lighting Setup is very simple. I just used two Stripboxes, one aligned horizontally the other one vertically. Both strobes are set on action mode, [...]

Just coffee © Stelianos Frangis |

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How about a hot cup of coffee, or maybe with some milk? Here are two examples of a shot of a cup of coffee on roasted coffee beans. The idea was a shot of hot coffee after the beans were ground. Both pictures were created using a 3-Light Setup. 2 Lights behind a diffusor, [...]

Cosmetic Powder Brushes © Stelianos Frangis |

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When shooting with Strobes, in most cases the Shutter of the DSLR is set to Sync-Speed. Sync-Speed is the shortest possible Shutter Setting, where both curtains are still open, so the whole Sensor (or Film) is exposed to the incoming Light. Usually it is around 1/200 s depending on the Camera model. At 1/200 [...]

Smoke Art © Stelianos Frangis |

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Der Rauch einer ruhenden Zigarette oder besser noch von Räucherstäbchen kann ziemlich interessante Formen annehmen. Da ich schon seit längerem so etwas photografieren wollte und das Wetter derzeit für Outdoor Photografie eh nicht wirklich besonders einladend ist, habe ich mich jetzt dazu entschlossen. Ausgestattet mit einer schwarzen Leinwand, zwei Stativen, einem externen Blitzgerät, Räucherstäbchen [...]